Invented & Created in Japan.

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Meet SOU

Invented & Designed in Fukuoka, Japan

Hair products
Skin Care

Our best-sellers

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Natural herbal shampoo 澡
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Medicated Scalp Shampoo
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Medicated hair tonic
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Essence Serum
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Gel cream (moisturizer)
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Moisture lotion
Purely natural.

Creating products we believe in


Authele strives to be the cosmetics company that grows together with you,
contributing only honest products to society, which are kind to both people and the planet.

Flower Blossoms
Choi Yoon Seong


We bring you safely created by none other than Choi Yoon Seong in Fukuoka,

who has graduated from the University of Tokyo and has published various books on the topic of cosmetics.

On top of that our Fukuoka-based staff promise to do their utmost best to make sure you receive the products and treatment you deserve.

What people say

Woman in Grey Sweater

My favorite   

I've been using Oasis shampoo for more than 10 years. It suits my hair perfectly, and my hair became silky and moist.

Woman with Sunglasses

Good for my sensitive skin

I finally found my "LIFETIME's" shampoo. Thanks to this, I got soft and shiny hair.

I love it when touches my skin.

Selfie Portrait

Perfect solution
for thinning hair!

I've been using "medicated SOU" series. It has a nice refreshing feeling and I feel like my hair became thicker.

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