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Science Student

"For our customers concerned about skin and scalp troubles, our goal is to provide peace of mind through honest products that can be used continuously"

Alongside Authele founder and Technology Development Research Center leader Professor Choi Yoon Seong, we work on developing our products day in and day out, to deliver technology which is safe and reliable.
Science Student
  • Developing only honest products that can be of real benefit to others.

  • Keeping an open mind in order to establish technology that can be applied to a wide range of fields.

  • Developing technologies for products which are kind to nature, all living things and people.

  • Developing technologies which inspire and impress.

  • Conveying only honesty information that is free from lies.

  • Creating an environment where all living things co-exist together in harmony with nature.

Choi Yoon Seong

최 윤성
PhD. in Biotechnology, University of Tokyo Graduate School.
Technology and Product Development Research Center Head.
Dr. Seong was involved in researching a cure for the aids virus, publishing a number of essays for international journals.
As well as working hard to become an expert in technology, he moved in to the cosmetics industry to pursue his lifelong mission, to create products that inspire others as well as be of real benefit to society. Since then, he has gone on to help produce over 1000 new cutting-edge products.
He is currently utilising his knowledge of biotechnology and extensive product development know-how, to create products that work on a cellular level to bring beauty to the skin and encourage healthy and beautiful hair, while being kind to nature, living things and people. Furthermore, it is Dr. Seong's mission to spread only accurate information regarding what health benefits cosmetics have, and he has published several books on the subject, including "Abunai! Anata no keshouhin" (Your cosmetics could be dangerous!). I has also been a guest researcher at Hokkaido University, and is a member of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

Books written by Choi Yun Sung

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doctor_book (3.png

""Your cosmetics could be dangerous!""

"Homeostasis and the Secrets of the Placenta"

"Placenta: Dreams of Beauty"

Patented Technology Dry Type Nano 3D Milling Process

Our patented technology uses dry type grinding technology, in which collagen is ground in a vacuum below room temperature using computer-controlled slow friction grinding.

Unlike other existing microparticulation technology and grinding methods, no heat or chemical processing is applied to substances that might lead to deterioration in quality.
*Existing microparticulation technology and grinding methods: soft, wet and synthetic


Absorption and penetration rates are improved through our patented nano conversion technology.

Nanotechnology Benefits

Collagen is a delicate substance, and existing production methods often lead to changes in its quality.

Issues with Existing Nano-Technologies

Production Powder Size: 30-600nm free-form

Changes due to heat / oxidation: None

Nutritional depletion: None

Impurities: None

Grinding Capabilities: Foodstuffs, ceramics, non-metals etc.

How Our Production Method Differs